• Superintendent's Message 

    Brian L. Talbott, Superintendent December 2019

    Dear Neighbors,   

    I hope this Nine Mile Connection finds you surrounded by friends and family as we go through the holiday season. I had great intentions of getting this out to you earlier in the fall, but time got away from me. It feels as though we just started the school year and yet, the snow has begun to fall. 

    The School Board is excited to welcome the newly elected candidate Eric Olsen. We were fortunate to have three great candidates running for the School Director’s position. In many districts, it is difficult to find one individual willing to serve in that capacity as it is an unpaid, elected position. The district would like to welcome Mr. Eric Olsen to the Board. Additionally, we wish Debbie Williams much happiness and many blessings as she and her husband begin their next chapter in their new home out in the Spokane Valley. Debbie Williams served as a School Board Director for the past twelve years with a commitment and dedication to the students, staff, schools, and community. Thank you Debbie for your servant leadership and for giving so much of yourself for the betterment of the Nine Mile Falls School District…you will be missed.

    As a school superintendent, I communicate frequently with local and statewide legislators. In part of the McCleary lawsuit, the legislature capped school districts with a maximum dollar figure for levies. Unfortunately, the decision makers in Olympia realized that the maximum amount that they originally funded did not provide districts with the needed dollars to support programs. During the last legislative session, those same lawmakers increased the amount that school districts could levy locally. While some districts in our region opted to push out a supplemental levy (one that provides additional funds during the current cycle), the NMFSD opted to bypass such an option to maintain what was approved in 2018. The Nine Mile Falls School District will continue to follow the implications of the State’s decision as the rules made in Olympia necessitate changes for our schools. The district works hard to live within our funding capacity, while supporting as many programs as possible.

    With new homes being built, more families are moving to our amazing community. Nine Mile Falls is a location in which people want to move; many graduates are returning with their own families so their children can experience the educational opportunities they received. We are growing, houses are being built, enrollment is increasing…we are preparing. Lake Spokane Elementary, Nine Mile Falls Elementary and Lakeside Middle School have a bit of flexibility to provide classroom space to accommodate moderate student growth. As a school district, and community as a whole, we will soon have to address the facility needs at Lakeside High School. A date has not yet been set to run a bond. However, it is clear that with expected growth and clear facility needs that something will have to be done in the near future. We look forward to working with you to help us figure out what that endeavor will entail.

    During this season of appreciation and blessings, we thank you for your continued support of our students, staff, and schools. We wish you and yours an amazing holiday season.

    Warm Regards,
    Brian L Talbott, Superintendent
Last Modified on January 9, 2020