• Superintendent's Message 

    Brian L. Talbott, Superintendent March 2019

     Dear Neighbors,   

    I hope this newsletter finds you well. While for the most part we had a mild winter, the past six weeks proved to be challenging and awfully white. I am looking forward to the spring season and the ability to sleep at night without worry of weather conditions and early morning transportation decisions. I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding of those decisions and our focus on student safety.

    The snow accumulation and incredibly cold weather gave the new roof and roof top units at Lakeside Middle School a true test. As with most new systems, there were some mechanical issues in the beginning. I am happy to report that through the district’s partnership with McKinstry, those issues have been and/or are being addressed in a timely manner. I would like to invite you to go to the Nine Mile Falls website (www.9mile.org) to view a short time-lapse video of some of the work that was done atop the roof. As always, I am grateful for your support of this great district and its schools, students, and staff.

    Without going into a lot of detail, I do believe it is important to share that the NMFSD may be in some financial trouble next year depending upon legislative decisions. Last year, the legislature changed the funding model for all 295 school districts in the state including how districts collect locally voted/supported dollars. Each district was supposed to be in a “hold harmless” status, meaning that regardless of the impact, no district would receive less funding than it did the previous year. Unfortunately, NMFSD is one of ninety-three districts statewide that received less funding despite the legislature’s assurances otherwise. Our elected officials have the remainder of this session (ends on April 28th) to make needed and necessary changes to truly hold all districts harmless. Failure on their part will require this district to make cuts to next year’s budget. I am hopeful that legislators make decisions that ensure all students matter...regardless of zip code or district size.

    As always, I appreciate your contributions and input regarding all things Nine Mile Falls. I invite you to call or stop by the district office for a visit. When and if you do, you will see that the office has a new friend. Last summer, an old-school goose decoy showed up in front of the office. Initially, I figured that it would just go away; however, it has become somewhat of a fixture. “Gordy the Goose” has become part of the landscape and has been adopted as the official mascot. Additionally, Gordy has friends who come by and decorate him to match the festivities of the season. Gordy is just another example of my fondness of this district and all of you who make it what it is.

    Warm Regards,
    Brian L Talbott, Superintendent

Last Modified on April 22, 2019