• Nine Mile Falls Elementary School                2017/2018
    Dear Community Members,
    Being committed to helping each student take the next step in their academic growth is the focus of the staff at Nine Mile Falls Elementary School. This effort means understanding where students are at in their abilities and intentionally developing instruction to meet them where they are. This task means focusing on our students’ needs by getting to know who they are as learners, analyzing data about student performance, and tailoring instruction that pushes the student in a way that they can find success. I know we will be successful because the team at Nine Mile Elementary is passionate about kids, and we are up to the task. It is what we all would want for our own kids after all!

    Part of the solution to reaching every student is to have a wide variety of experiences and tools to engage our students. A continued experience that we have been using the past few years to help our students develop a love of reading has been our Buddy Reading Program. Volunteers are recruited from our community to come in and simply spend time reading with a child. The growth in our readers has been wonderful, and so many of our students and volunteers cherish the relationships that they are building with their reading partners. We are always looking for more reading partners, and if you are interested in helping a child with their reading, please give our school a call at 340-4010.

    Technology has played an important role in helping us reach all of our kids. Teachers are utilizing technology-based learning programs and projects that engage our kids and allow them to show what they know. Our students use Chromebooks, iPads, and programmable robots in a variety of ways to individualize their learning and to create student work that is engaging. We have been so fortunate to have a fantastic Parent Teacher Group (PTG) who has worked very hard to fundraise in order to help us purchase many of these tools for our students. Teachers have spent many hours in training focused on learning how to create dynamic learning experiences for their students. This step would not have happened without the support of our PTG. Thank you to the best PTG!
    As you can see, we have placed a high value on finding a way to reach every student. Teachers here spend their time and energy building relationships with their students so that we find ways to push every one of them. I am proud of the work our staff does with our students.


    Keith Browning, Principal