• Lakeside Middle School                             2017-2018

    Dear Parents and Community Members,

    The 2017-2018 school year was great at Lakeside Middle School. We are proud of the academic and co-curricular success our students experienced throughout the year.

    In late September through early October, our students began collecting pledges for our 19th Annual Fund Run. Our students collected over $16,000 in pledges! The money collected from the Fund Run was used to support co-curricular activities at Lakeside Middle School. A huge “Thank You” goes out to all of the students and community members who helped support us during this important fund-raiser.

    Throughout the school year, our students successfully competed in academic and athletic competitions. The Lakeside Middle School band/music program had another successful year and continued to provide opportunities for students to perform in front of diverse audiences. In February, we sent all of our Honor Roll students to the INB Performing Arts Center to watch a National Geographic Live Program. We followed this up with some fun games of bingo where winners were able to choose from many delicious prizes. Approximately 50% of our students were recognized for their outstanding academic accomplishments. In June, all eighth-grade students were involved in the “We the People Showcase” in which they were judged on their expertise and knowledge of different constitutional issues.

    During this past school year, we continued our efforts to recognize students for displaying the characteristics of “The Lakeside Way.” Each month students were nominated, and a minimum of one student from each grade level was selected as the Student of the Month. All of the students who were selected as Students of the Month were recognized for: Doing the Right Thing, Working Hard, and Being Themselves – Following The Lakeside Way. Throughout the year, our students also continued to find ways to implement a Culture of Kindness at Lakeside Middle School. We are continually amazed by the incredible actions our students implement to embrace and embed kindness within our community. Furthermore, our entire student body participated in a “Generation Alive” food packing event. Our students raised money to buy food and with the help of Generation Alive, packed thousands of meals in half of a day. All of the meals were donated to the Tum Tum Food Pantry and the Second Harvest Food Bank.

    Throughout the school year, hundreds of our students who demonstrated the “Lakeside Way” were recognized with an Eagle Party pass that allowed them to go to the front of the lunch line and to receive free ice cream. Furthermore, many other students were recognized through their own grade level assemblies or end-of-the-year celebrations. I would like to congratulate and thank all of our students who were recognized for Flying the Lakeside Way – they have truly made a difference at Lakeside Middle School.

    We would like to thank our Parent/Teacher Network. The LMS PTN supported the school in numerous ways. They held multiple family movie nights, volunteered in classrooms, sold concessions at home events, and helped to fund raise and purchase new technology and other classroom resources for students. The LMS PTN continues to help us become a better school…Thank you!
    Finally, the staff at Lakeside Middle School would like to thank all of you for another great year and invite you to come to Lakeside Middle School to be a part of the daily education of our students. We are looking forward to the year ahead of us and would like you to be a part of our successes and celebrations.

    Jeff Baerwald, Principal