• Lakeside High School's School Improvement Plan

    At Lakeside High School we focus on the implementation of best practices in professional learning communities and implementation of student engagement/motivation strategies. On Thursday mornings, our teachers and staff learn together in order to improve student learning and understand how we can continue to grow in our craft and reach new heights of student achievement.
    We continue to find ways to help educate students about positive behaviors and attitudes that maximize learning; we have added a mandatory homework center once a week for failing students to target our interventions. Our graduation rate is 95%, and our students pursuing post-secondary education after high school is 90%.

    We challenge students with upper-level courses and more ways to earn college credit while still in high school. We have a strong program of Advanced Placement classes, and have added numerous college- in-the-high-school courses in math, science, world language, and history. Our music and art programs are loaded, and we will be splitting the choir and band performances to meet their needs.

    Our students are ready for any challenges that they may face.