•  Additional Employee Benefits  from Lincoln Financial 

    Employee Connect Brochure

    • Health and Wellness
    • Family and Relationships
    • Work and Education
    • Money and Investments
    • Law and Regulation
    • Consumer and Leisure
    • Home and Auto
    Guidance Resources Online is a service of the ComPsych Corporation.
    It is the leading online provider of information,advice, services, tools and referrals  relevant to the challenges faced at work and at home. They have confidential, in-depth answers available anytime, day or night. The site is updated regularly with new content and features.   

    • Medical Emergency Evacuation and Transportation
    • Dependent Child Transportation
    • Travel Monitoring
    • Vehicle return
    • Lost or Stolen Travel Documents
    • Arrangements for a Deceased Traveler
    • Security and Political Evacuation Assistance
    • Emergency pet boarding and/or pet return
Last Modified on January 7, 2019