• LSE Counseling Services

    Kristen Hastings
    Kristen Hastings
    Counselor,  Lake Spokane Elementary
    Kristen is part of the Student Support Services Staff committed to providing information and assistance to students, families, and other staff in order to help students be successful in school.

    A sampling of services she provides: 

    Personal Counseling - Provide Crisis resolution, individual counseling, coordinate referrals to outside counseling services, and provide individual social skills training. 

    Mediation - Offer conflict resolution opportunities to students to resolve interpersonal difficulties that affect classroom performance.

    Teaching in-class topics - Teach Social Skills, Empathy, Communication Styles and Techniques, Problem Solving Skills, Character Education, Teambuilding, Personal Safety, Bully/Harassment Prevention, and other topics as needed. 

    Bullying/Harassment Education - Teach Bullying/ Harassment Prevention at all grade levels.  

    Teach - Career Exploration for 5th graders.  

    Assist - With Open House and welcoming New student orientation activities as well as 5th-6th grade transition activities to LMS 

    Teach - "Love and Logic," Student Study Skills, and other Student/ Parent Education Workshops as needed.  

    Resource - Work with students, parents, teachers, other staff, and different agencies to connect them with appropriate resources for their individual needs – food bank, clothing bank, phone services, counseling, enrichment opportunities, etc.  

    Coordinate – 504 Plan Referrals.  

    Counsel Groups – Depending on the needs from year to year these change. They have included, but are not limited to: social skills, organization, divorce/changing families, anger management, and death/loss.  

    Counsel individual situations. 

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