• Finale Choir Concert

    An evening of choral music began with the Mixed Choir, both Lakeside High School and Lakeside Middle School students, singing The Star Spangled Banner.   Then the LMS Idol Choir performed four selections:  Believer, Treat You Better, I Just Can't Wait to be King (featuring a sixth grader), and This is Me (featuring solos by two students).  Break the Distance was sung as a solo by a student, with guitar accompaniment by Choral Music Director Levi Mazurek.
    Next, the LHS Choir rejoined the middle school Choir for a perfomance of Sound of Silence.   Three pieces were then performed by the LHS Choir:  City of Stars, Parting Glass, (featuring a senior) and Hallelujah (featuring the four graduating seniors).  A junior sang and played the ukulele in a solo performance of Stand By Me, with an original verse added as tribute to the graduationg seniors. Recognition was given to the seniors for their dedication to the choir, and they were thanked for their contributions.  Mr. Mazurek also presented a junior and a senior with choral music awards.