• A Day In The Woods

    The Spokane House in Riverside State Park was the site for a day of fun, creative learning activities for all fourth grade students in the Nine Mile Falls School District. On Friday, May 18, they gathered to participate in seven stations that taught about early Spokane history, science, art, and having fun "in the woods."  The Friends of the Spokane House, Lakeside Middle School Leadership class students, Mrs. Beth Kilgore, LSE PE teacher, and the fourth grade teachers all combine to offer this hands-on learning experience.

    Four stations were taught by The Friends of the Spokane House.  Students learned about the early fur traders, how the Spokane House/Fort Spokane became a major trading post, and the importance of the beaver trade.  "I love it," shared one fourth grader.  "You get to learn about something that actually happened a long time ago."

    Lakeside Middle School students led two stations.  At the art station, students were challenged to create a piece of art using only the native materials they could find in the immediate surroundings.  Their other station was a nature Scavenger Hunt "to find treasures and beauty in nature."    Mrs. Beth Kilgore, PE teacher at LSE, provided some fun group games that built teamwork.  

    Each student was given a Day In The Woods journal in which to reflect.  After each station, they were asked to record the "coolest thing you learned" and then draw something about the station.  On the the last page the students were to write about their favorite station and why they liked it.  They were also asked to give any ideas for future stations.  Through this adventure, our fourth grade students learned about historical events in the exact location they occurred, all while appreciating and enjoying the beauty of our local "woods."