LSE Information

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - 8:50-2:50    
    Thursday - 9:30-2:50 (Late Start)
    Please do not drop your student off after start time
    without signing them in at the office.
    This is for their safety.

    BUS/PICK UP Reminder ~ All LSE Students will be put on their assigned bus at the end of the day unless the teacher receives a written note (with the address that the child is to go to) that states an alternative plan. We ask everyone to plan ahead.  Last minute calls make it difficult for the teachers to teach.

    Lake Spokane Elementary has adopted a new practice regarding birthday treats for students.  Due to a high number of food allergies, we ask that NO birthday treats be brought or sent to school (please, no balloons as well). Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our students safe.  We honor birthdays during our daily announcements and in the classroom.

    E-mail your child's absence (or late arrival)   E-mail the date(s) and reason, and we will forward this information to the teacher. Send the E-mail to:
    BIKE RIDERS AND WALKERS ~ If your child plans to ride his/her bike or walk to and from school, please fill out the permission form:  Bike and Walk Permission Form
    Late Start Thursdays ~
    Please remember school starts at 9:30 on Thursdays.  Please No students before 9:00 on these days.  We do not have supervision for the children at an earlier time.

     No Cost Preschool-Nine Mile Falls School District Provided for children, birth to kindergarten agewho qualify with pre-academic, speech, motor, social, or self-help delays.   Please call Michelle Mace  340-4814
     Volunteers and Field Trip ChaperonesPlease verify with your teacher to make sure your WSP is CURRENT (Application on LSE Home Page- Fill out section "C", "D", and page 2)
     Math Curriculum  for our students is called Engage NY     Helpful link for parents 
    Here are some resources that you may review. If you have questions, please talk with your student's teacher 
Last Modified on August 5, 2020