• Maternity Leave Example

    An employee requesting maternity leave shall give written notice to the District at least six (6) weeks prior to the expected leave date. The notice needs to include a statement of the expected beginning date of the leave as well as the expected return to work date. This notice will need to be approved by the school board.

    In the event that sick leave has been exhausted, leave without pay and benefits will not count towards salary advancement or seniority.  The employee's pay and medical deduction will be adjusted based on the amount of days taken for maternity leave.  See the example below of how maternity leave is calculated:

    Employee requested maternity leave for a total of 35 days. Reduce the employees leave balance by pro-rating the school year allocation based on the hours not working (35 days x 8 hours per day = 280 hours) during the school year.  This will bring the sick leave balance to 77.33 hours (96 hours on the books – 18.67 hours not earned) and the personal leave balance to 19.34 hours (24 hours on the books – 4.66 hours not earned); a total of 96.67 leave hours available.  To determine the leave without pay subtract 96.67 hours from 280 hours (35 days) leaving 183.33 unpaid hours.

    Leave without pay: Base Contract -183.33 hours (280-96.67 leave hours) x $30.00/hour = -$5,499.90 TRI Contract -183.33/1440 x $2,005.85 = -$255.37 Total Leave without Pay = -$5,755.27/6 months=$959.21 (monthly deduction from March-August 31st)

    Calculate Leave: Annual Leave: 280/1440 x 24 total frontloaded hours=4.66 hours (subtract this amount from employees annual leave balance) Sick Leave: 280/1440 x 96 total frontloaded hours=18.67 hours (subtract this amount from employees sick leave balance)

    Calculate FTE: 1440 total yearly hours – 280 hours of maternity leave = 1160/1440 = .8055 FTE

    Calculate Medical Deduction: FTE for Insurance Purposes based on a February 12th leave date = .8055 (1160/1440) Employee pays their portion of the medical plan they chose with SEBB.

    Leave Information

    For information regarding your leave benefits, please refer to the appropriate collective bargaining agreement listed below.

    Certificated Employees: NMEA CBA, Article IV Leaves, Pages 37-44.

    Classified Employees: CPEA CBA, Article IX Leaves, Pages 36-42

    Shared leave can be requested for employees who have run out of leave and are sick or temporarily disabled due to pregnancy disability or purpose of parental leave to bond with the newborn, adoptive or foster child.

    (example above is based on a 1.00 FTE Teacher)



Last Modified on March 4, 2020