• The Seussification of Romeo & Juliet

     "Verona's the place from where our play is picked.  Two families lived there, and man were they ticked."  This is the opening prologue for The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet perfomed by Lakeside High School's Drama Club.  A cast of eighteen student actors delighted two full audiences at the middle school on Friday, February 23, and Saturday, February 24.
    In this revision of Roemo and Juliet, playwrite Peter Bloedel transforms the difficult Shakespearean prose into humourous wordplay in classic Dr. Seuss style. In the prologue Roemo and Juliet are "kid one and kid two," a clear reference to Thing One and Thing Two in The Cat in the Hat.   
    While the Seussification incorprates all the specific  sence of the play, this tragedy becomes a comedy:  the Monotones verus the Capitulates in the family fued; the tower scene converted to a tall ladder and megaphone; a balloon sword fight by Tybalt and Mercutio; "sensored" kissing scenes; and Juliet faking her death by peanuts.  Comedic lines were given meticulously by the actors; comedic timing was explemplified by a mass exodus when one line declared, "there's snacks in the lobby."  One key difference in this play...the ending.  In true to Seuss form, no one dies.  A special machine (think Cat in the Hat) transforms the Monotones and Capitulates into friends and of course, everyone lives happily ever after!
    The Darma Club is directed by Mr. Jeff Ridlington.  The club's next performance will be in March, Quick Brewed Macbeth by Christopher Limber.