• February School Board Meeting

    Left to right: Retired Bus Drivers Rich Everett, Sally Ovens, Sandy Ovens, Mona Perkins-CSC Manager, and Ryan Clark-Mechanic
    Left to right: Retired School Bus Drivers 
    Rich Everett, Sally Ovens, and Sandy Ovens with 
    Mona Perkins, CSC Mnager and Ryan Clark, Mechanic.
    If Rich Everett-17 years, Sally Ovens- 30 years, and Sandy  Ovens-37 years,  drove their school busses 180 days a year, two routes per day it would equal 30,240 routes.  If on these routes there were 50 kids on each, then these  school bus drivers have impacted 1.5 million kids in our district.   They were honored at the February School board meeting for their dedication and committment to students and families. "While Rich, Sally, and Sandy have worked for more than a few of our contracted bus companies over the years, they are one of us...they are Nine Mile through and through," stated Superintendent Brian Talbott.  "Bless them for keeping our kids safe and for always doing the right thing in doing so."  School Board Director Debbie Williams added. "What a stressful job.  Deer, snow, and rambucious kids, I am very thankful for you."   Rich, Sally and Sandy were presented with a pin with a thumbprint to symbolize the imprint they have had on our district.