• Sexting and Social Media

    In recent years, The Stevens County Prosecutor’s Office has seen an increase in cases involving juveniles sending sexually explicit photos to each other using their cell phones and other electronic devices. This behavior has come to be known as “sexting.” Sexting directly affects the privacy, safety and security of each student.

    While there are laws in Washington State that criminalize some of this conduct, the Prosecutor’s Office believes that this is an issue that is better addressed through education and community outreach. The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has developed a program to help educate students, parents, and school staff about this increasingly troublesome issue.

    In partnership with the Nine Mile Falls School District, Mr. Lech Radzimski, Stevens County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, spoke to eighth and ninth grade students on February 8th and on February 9th.  Additionally, Mr. Radzimski hosted a parent discussion in the Lakeside Middle School auditorium on Thursday, February 8th .

    For parent/guardians and/or students who weren’t able to attend or would like to see the presentation again, 
    please click on the following links:  

    Student Presentation                     Parent Presentation