• "Just part of my job."

    Kanani Coleman, left, with Superintendent Brian Talbott at the December school board meeting.

    Kanani Coleman with Superintendent Brian Talbott.

    An "official" thank you.  An old chair that "missed the truck!"

    An "official" thank you.  An old chair that "missed the truck!"

     Kanani Coleman was "just" doing her job, when she, and Umpqua Bank, transformed four classrooms at Lakeside High School and offices and common areas throughout the district with a HUGE donation.  Mrs. Coleman is the Regional Facilities Manager for the bank.  Early in the spring she contacted our superintendent, Brian Talbott, to ask if the district would be interested in a donation of office furniture. Thinking that this may be a few items, Mr. Talbott said, “Sure, send me some pictures, and we’ll take a look.”
    The time came in the fall of 2017.  Mrs. Coleman contacted Mr. Talbott and sent him “those few pictures”, but mentioned that there were too many items to include in the pictures...perhaps it would be best to come downtown and take a look around.  He did and was overwhelmed; there were four floors of gently-used office furniture.  Through a series of three trips downtown and a huge amount of texting and emailing back and forth that finalized the district's wants and needs, the furniture was organized, and the moving day arrived.
    Multiple, huge trucks arrived the weekend of November 5th.  A total of seven-plus trucks came over two days, and they were loaded with treasures: tables, chairs, desks, file cabinets, more chairs of every make and model, more tables of every variety – small, large, folding, round, rectangular, and square.  A group of 15 - 20 volunteers were on hand to help the Devries delivery crew.  Besides the delivery of furniture, the Devries crew loaded and transported away 22,000 pounds of old used furniture and broken equipment that the district had been storing as it was too expensive to haul away.  This in itself was a huge gift! 
    Mrs. Coleman and Umpqua Bank were recognized for this wonderful donation at the December school board meeting.  Superintendent Talbott stated that Mrs. Coleman went above and beyond what was expected and always had the district's and the bank's best interests at heart.  "She treated our staff and the subcontractors from Devries with utmost respect. Words cannot describe how thankful we are for her and this amazing donation."