• Left in the Wicker Basket



    Not only did the audience boo, they hissed...with prompting.  It was all part of the melodrama, Left in the Wicker Basket Or Right under the Ol' Boarding House School Steps, directed by Mr. Jeff Riddlington.  Lakeside High School Drama presented this play on two nights, Thursday, November 16, and Friday November 17. 

    When a mysterious letter with a missing piece unveils that two identical twins left as infants at Baxter's Boarding and Not Quite Finishing School are heirs to a fortune, the stage is set for villains to swindle the twins and get the money for themselves.  Amanda Trueheart schemes to replace the twins with her own daughters, while Sylvester C. Snograss is after both the school and the money.  Through plot twists and turns, he mangages to tie the entire cast to the railroad tracks in true melodrama style.  When the twins' long lost father reappears, all is saved!