• Super Cool

    "It's yummy!" shared a third grader.  She had had her outfit planned for weeks...a shirt with two ice cream cones that served as the "oo" in Super Cool.  "She never gets this much variety of flavors a home," added her grandma.  Lake Spokane Elementary held its Annual Ice Cream Social, sponsored by the PTN, on Thursday, September 28.
    Families and friends chatted over delicious ice cream on the blacktop behind the school with the line for ice cream sundaes steady.  Many headed onto the playground for some additional fun. This event has been held for just under ten years and has grown in popularity.  Principal Kevin Simpson thanked all the parents and families for coming and for their continued support of the school, staff, and kids at Lake Spokane Elementary.  He also acknowledged all the hard work that the PTN does every year to support student learning.