• Meet Our Newest Teacher

    Miss Alisha Donais at her desk.
    Kindergarten numbers soared again this September which created a fourth class at  Lake Spokane Elementary.  Miss Alisha Donais has been selected to teach these young, new Mustangs!  Miss Donais graduated from Eastern Washington University in December, 2016.  She earned her Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Special Education.  She spent a year and a half at Brentwood Elementary school completing both a four quarter practicum and her student teaching in second grade.  Miss Donais also spent one quarter at a Title 1 school were she completed an addition practicum in a multi-cultural Kindergarten classroom.  While at Eastern, she was a substitute lead teacher for Nurturing Nursery, a child care center.  After graduating, she substituted in our district and in the Mead School District. 
    Miss Donais is engaged and is a recent Nine Mile resident.  She loves camping and being outside.  "I'm excited to get to know the community and be a part of it. I love the Lake Spokane staff.  They have been so helpful...I wasn't expecting so much help!"  she shared.  "I'm excited to be part of such a positive district."