• NMFE Supply Drop-off and Welcome Night

    In order to literally lessen the load for students on the first day of school, Nine Mile Falls Elementary School began a School Supply Drop-off event prior to school starting about three to four years ago.  This event has steamrolled and become very poplular.  In fact attendance has outnumber the school's formal Open House. 
    In analizing this phomenon, the staff deduced that when school starts, families quickly become busy. So this year the school is trying something new.  On August 30th it hosted its annual School Supply Drop-off and Welcome Night so families could meet teachers, the school staff, visit classrooms, drop-off supplies, and tour the school.  This is the meet and greet portion of the school's welcome to new and to returning families.
    To  follow up with something new and exciting, the school staff is preparing a Virtual Open House event. Parents and students will be able to learn about classroom policies, procedures, and important happenings from the principal in an online format.  It will "go live" September 13th.  Families will be able  to watch  teachers explain the ways in which they can work together to help students learn and grow. 
    Why are they excited about a Virtual Open House instead of a traditional Open House held only on one night? Principal Keith Browning explains, "We definitely do not want to lose the family feel that our school has, so we are placing our emphasis to get into the school on our Supply Drop-off and Welcome Night. This is the chance for us to connect on a personal level with our students and their families.  We hope that having the formal information online and available for an extended period of time will be more convenient for our families;  hopefully everyone will access this critical information."