• Selfless Eagles


                       Football players washing fire trucks  Football players painting at the Tum Tum Food Bank.  
                                                              Football players weeding at LSE.

    How do you build athletic skills, promote team bonding, and give back to the community?  Eagle Football Unity Camp.  Gentlemen in the LHS Football program spent two days in August at the high school to help prepare for the 2017 season.  First on the camp agenda…no phones.  Athletes were to stay “unplugged” and focus on the camp without distractions. Newly appointed Head Coach Devon Bauer led his 45 football players in this overnight camp.  His goal is to “create an extremely competitive program that is good for kids and produces life-long learners.”

    On the morning of August 18, the student athletes met at 7:45a.m. for weight lifting and a no pads practice.  The afternoon had the young men giving back to the community in a Selfless Eagle Project.  They were divided into small group teams and spent three hours either carry groceries to cars at Rosaures, weeding and landscaping the preschool courtyard at LSE, washing fire trucks and scrubbing the Tum Tum station floor; or painting, filling pot holes, and flood prevention work at the Tum Tum Food Bank.  Two seniors shared that they felt people appreciated this work.  Giving back to the community was important as “people have donated a lot to our school and the football program.”  They both hope that more community members will come out to see a game or two. 

    Early evening had the young men staying in the small groups for more team bonding.  They played a version of The Amazing Race, a volleyball game, and developed skits spoofing the coaches for after dinner.   The next morning included a motivation talk form Jason Tobeck, a former football coach at Whitworth University, and then their first practice with pads.

    “The community support I have seen over these past few days is why I choose to live and raise my family here in Nine Mile Falls,” stated coach Bauer.  Parents helped to organize all the activities and donate and cook food.  Community business also made major food contributions:  The Wagon Wheel, The Tin Cup, Subway, The Pizza Factory and Rosaures.  “Thanks to all who made our first Eagle Football Unity Camp a success,” stated Coach Bauer. Go Eagles!