• Science Rules

    Science Rules etched into concrete.    One of the new science lab classrooms. The storage and teacher area in between the two new classrooms.  
                                               The NMF School Board and Superintendent Brian Talbott outside of the new science lab portable.

    The August School Board meeting was held in the new science labs at Lakeside High School.  Board member tour both classrooms prior to convening the metting.  "This is a long time coming and very much needed for our students," shared Director Vicki Daggy. In late January 2016, the NMFSD submitted a STEM Facilities Grant proposal to the state to assist with facility needs at Lakeside High School. The grant application was geared toward creating or enhancing learning spaces in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).  In order for the district to be considered for the grant, the district had to receive a minimum of $100,000 in private donations.  In a short period of time, the district was able to garner monetary, equipment, and/or in-kind donations from the following companies:   Ari Alvarez and SimplyTronics, LLC;  OAC Services Inc.; Western Polymer;  Reliant Rx;  GenPrime Inc. and the Jim Fleming Memorial; The Hagan Foundation; Pacific Mobile;  and, Coffman Engineering.  Our current and future students are extremely fortunate to have these business partnerships that allowed us to step up and make this happen.  

    In May of 2016, we were notified that the Nine Mile Falls School District was awarded a $1.2 million dollar grant to make this a reality for our students.   Lakeside High School has had only one true functioning lab for twenty-two lab science courses.  Obviously, this hampered the hands-on opportunities, as many labs were conducted by the instructor rather than allowing students to participate. 

    With the grant dollars that were awarded, the district purchased a portable building that houses two state-of-the-art science learning spaces.  Each classroom is and fully equipped with gas, water, and a chemical fume hood.  As this is a state project, all of the permitting, engineering, and construction rules and regulations were followed.  These new classroom labs are now ready for student use.  Our students will benefit greatly as the high school will now have three science labs, when up until now there was only one.