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                       Questions to Consider               

     Academic Considerations:

    • What type of majors/certifications are offered?
    • What degree programs are offered?
    • What is included in the program?
    • Is it accredited?
    • What type of study options and services are offered?

    Financial Considerations:

    • How much is the average cost per year? (tuition, books, housing, personal expenses,)
    • What is the average financial aid package offered?
    • What is the graduation rate? 
    • What percentage of students compete their program on time?
    • What is the retention rate?
    • How much is the application fee?
    • What are the financial aid deadlines?
    • What criteria are determined for financial aid?
    • Do they offer work study programs or scholarships?

    Student Preferences:

    • Is the environment comfortable for me?
    • What is the student to teacher ratio?
    • How large is the student population?
    • How large is this campus?
    • Do I prefer an urban or rural setting?
    • Do I prefer a particular state? Location?
    • How diverse is this campus population?
    • Is housing offered at this institution? How expensive is it?
    • What type of activities would I like to be involved in?
    • What type of sports are important to me?
    • What type of supportive services will I require?

    Other Important Information:

    • Where can I get more information?
    • What are the deadline requirements?
    • What are the minimum requirements (GPA/tests/essays/letters of recommendation)?
    • How selective is this college? What do they consider?
    • Where can I get the application?   
Last Modified on June 25, 2019