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    LMS Sports Information for 2020-2021 (click link): "Sports Schedule" Page for LMS Athletics 
    The 2021 Track season begins on TBD.  A preseason information meeting will take place sometime during March, prior to Spring Break. 

    To be eligible to physically practice the first day of the season, players MUST be fully registered and cleared with the required paperwork and eligibility forms through the FINAL FORMS website that LMS began using this school year (LHS also uses the program).   Final Forms can be accessed through the main LMS webpage, where directions on how to access the site, along with a "Parent Playbook" about the program are included.

    The only required hardcopy paperwork required to be submitted to the LMS office is a copy of the athlete's doctor's physical (these are good for 2 years).

     ASB and Transportation/Activity fees MUST be paid by the time of the first game to be eligible to play in any games (ASB - $20, Transportation/Activity - $60). 

    Track at Lakeside Middle School is open to 7th and 8th graders only. LMS used to allow all 6th graders interested to participate in track, but most other league schools do not permit 6th-grade track participation.  

    Schedule can be found on the "Sports Schedules" link under "LMS Athletics" page

    2019-2020 Coaching Staff
    Head Coach - To Be Determined
    Asst. Coach - Allison Joyce
    Asst. Coach - To Be Determined
    Asst. Coach - To Be Determined
    General Information
    Track season begins on the first day after Spring Break of school each year. 
    Track athletes MUST participate in 8 practices before being permitted to compete in a meet.  All practices are held at Lakeside Middle School from 2:30pm - 4:45pm daily. 
    Occasionally, there will be a practice or Lakeside High School track meet at Lakeside High School that Lakeside Middle School track athletes will be expected to attend.  In the event this occurs, a shuttle bus will be provided for the athletes, and they will be expected to be picked up at Lakeside High School at the practice"s or meet"s end.  NO shuttle bus will transport athletes back to Lakeside Middle School. 
    All home meets will be held at Lakeside High School at 4pm.  There is sometimes an occasional 3:30pm meet start.  Just like practices and high-school meets held at Lakeside High School, middle-school track athletes will be expected to be picked up at there.  Please see your athlete's schedule and/or check this site for updates.  Typically most track meets will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
    Teams return from away-game sites at various times, so please look at your athlete"s schedule for an approximate return and/or wait for your athlete"s cell-phone call from the bus on the way home from the game.
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