• Sports Schedules - 2020-2021 School Year


    Hello, Lakeside athletes and parents!  It is Monday, September 7, 2020, and here is the latest update we have for LMS athletics for the upcoming school year:


    We will NOT be starting fall school sports (football, XC, and softball) on the first day of school this year like usual, due to Covid-19 and the restrictions/guidelines placed upon us by the health commission, OSPI, etc.  The WIAA has also delayed the beginning of high-school sports seasons this year as well.  Our LHS sports will NOT begin until Dec. 28 (and that - per WIAA - may be overly optimistic).   


    Our sports league (Inland Empire Mid-level League - IEML) is tentatively planning the following sports seasons:

    January 2021 - Volleyball and Wrestling 

    February 2021 - 7th-grade Boys'/Girls' Basketball

         *** NOTE ***  January and February seasons could be flip-flopped to give wrestling (a "high-risk"  sport per WIAA) a better chance to actually allow competition this school year

    March 2021 - 8th-grade Boys'/Girls' Basketball

    April (after Spring Break) until mid-May - Cross Country, Football, & Softball

    Mid-May to mid-June - Baseball & Track


    League schedule may group 3 geographically close schools together for this school year for athletic competition purposes.  Additionally, sporting seasons shown would potentially only take place and be offered if our county and school is safe to do so and in the sports-permitted "phase" per WA state guidelines.   League athletic directors are still in discussions and won't have much more detail until probably at least October.   Stay posted!  Crossing our fingers we can have interscholastic athletics in the Nine Mile School District this year!


    We would have 4-week-long seasons only, but at least our kids would be able to participate!


    Regardless, you may still register for sports through Final Forms.  Only Cross Country and Wrestling are open to 6th graders.   No other sports permit 6th-grade participation.



    Chuck Moffatt

    LMS - Athletic Director 



    Lakeside Middle School will be using FINAL FORMS for student-athlete athletic paperwork eligibility registration for the school year 2020-2021.  ALL eligibility paperwork MUST be submitted ONLINE via the FINAL FORMS website, and registration for LMS sports for 2020-2021 online will be available beginning on August 1, 2020.   The ONLY paper form the school will accept (and is required) is a student-athlete's doctor's physical.  For a student-athlete to begin practicing, ALL eligibility paperwork MUST be completed PRIOR to participation.  Please plan ahead!  


    To get to Final Forms for registration, go back to the main Lakeside Middle School page and scroll to the bottom.  There will be a link titled "Final Forms Parent Playbook".  Click it, and there will be directions and a guide to online registration




    Links to schedules are below  


Last Modified on September 7, 2020