• The Middle School Athletic Philosophy & Beliefs

    LAKESIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS PHILOSOPHY (For Parents, Coaches, and Athletes)

    • All athletes are treated fairly and given the same opportunity to play (behavioral and/or academic issues will result in reduced, little, or no playing time, however).  We take on a true TEAM approach here. 
    • Playing time may not be equal in some cases (dependent upon the position your athlete plays, safety concerns for your child by the coaches, etc.), but coaches will do their best to afford EVERY athlete a fair opportunity to play and obtain game experience, no matter the athlete's skill level.  Trust the coaches with playing time and your athlete's role/position on a team; there may be many factors involved. 
    • If parents have a problem with the coaches, CONTACT the Head Coach of that sport so you may try to work it out.  It is best if you have your child speak with the coach first (this helps athletes grow and learn to be courageous and stand up for themselves), however.  Contact the Athletic Director only AFTER having a conversation(s) with the coach and nothing seems to have been solved. 
    • Other than individual sports (cross country, wrestling, & track), no league and/or individual championships are awarded, so we encourage athletes to have fun, improve, learn, take constructive criticism from their coaches, and enjoy being part of a team.
    • Parents are encouraged to learn the rules of the sport in which their child(ren) plays and to exhibit SPORTSMANSHIP at all times – NO yelling at coaches, opposing teams or coaches, and referees/officials.
    • Let the coach be the coach; you be the parent.  Our coaches do not go into your home and suggest to or tell you how to run your home.  Please give the coaches the same respect here and trust in them that they will do their job well.  They will make mistakes, but they will do their best to treat your child with the utmost respect and concern for their well-being.  We understand that you want what is best for your child, but you have to remember that our coaches have a team full of “my child” and have to look out for what is best for the TEAM. 
    • Parents are encouraged to be POSITIVE at all times – Avoid talking negatively about other athletes:  in the stands, at home, or to the coaches.  Avoid being too critical of your own son/daughter; let him/her learn from mistakes and grow as an athlete with the help of the coaches and their teammates. 
    • This is MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS – it is NOT the professional ranks.  If you and/or your son/daughter only care about winning championships, being the best, and/or striving for that elusive "college athletic scholarship", then LMS athletics may not be for you.  We are here to give all athletes a fun and enjoyable sports experience!



Last Modified on August 4, 2018