• Counseling Services

    Mr. Bob Cameron As School Social Worker and Dean of Students at Lakeside Middle School, Bob Cameron dedicates his time to helping ensure a safe, welcoming school environment while providing information and assistance to students and families to help students be successful in school.  A sampling of the services he provides include:

    Academic Monitoring and Coaching: Identify and track students with academic difficulties, develop Credit Summaries and Academic Improvement Plans , monitor progress, create academic contracts to avoid retention, being a resource and coach for students and parents in addressing difficulties in class work/organization/homework completion. 

     Counseling Coordinator: Provides supervision to graduate level School Social Work Interns from Eastern Washington University. Bob and his Interns are involved in:

    • Mediation: Offering conflict resolution opportunities to students to resolve interpersonal difficulties that affect classroom performance.
    • Teaching in-class health-related topics such as Bully/Harassment and Suicide Prevention,  and Lifeskills Training curriculum
    • Supportive Counseling with individual students. 
    • Teaching WOIS Career Exploration Program to 8th graders.
    • Assisting with With middle school open house and new student orientation activities.
    • Coordinating 5th-6th grade and 8th-9th grade transition activities.  
    • Teaching  "Love and Logic", Student Study Skills, and other Student/Parent Education Workshops as needed.

    Coordinating Student and Family Assistance Programs including HAAS Fund, Holiday Assistance List, Community Resource Directory and WEA Children's Fund distributions.  

Last Modified on July 23, 2020