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     LMS Sports Information for 2020-2021 (click link):  "Sports Schedule" Page for LMS Athletics

    Chuck Moffatt

    LMS - Athletic Director 


    TBD is the first day of "practice", and it will consist of only a player meeting and uniform handout for each grade.  All prospective players are expected to be in attendance at this meeting...rules and expectations will be gone over and uniforms will be issued as well.  Each grade-level's meeting time will be from 2:30pm-5:00pm.  The following locations will be used for the meetings: 


    7th Grade meeting in Room 508

    8th Grade meeting in Room 703
    *** First games tentatively scheduled for To Be Determined ***
    All eligibility paperwork MUST be completed online via Final Forms (available August 1, 2020) in order for players to be eligible to begin practicing.  NO paperwork will be accepted via HARD COPY (other than an athlete's current doctor's physical clearance form); all eligibility paperwork MUST be completed online.  
    Physicals are required of all student-athletes at LMS. They are good for a period of 2 years.  Doctor's physicals may be obtained through a family doctor, or families may choose (this year) to take advantage of a PTN-sponsored physical by local doctors for a $25 donation (donation money will be given back to the school).  Physicals and preliminary fall sports sign-ups will be available on N/A.  Please print off the forms for the physical (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dbwBO3wAB3GYF2K9FxedX3hL8nggz_Nq/view) and take with you that evening.  This process is a walk-in process; no preregistration is required.


    The first actual on-field practice will take place on TBD, for both grades.

    *** FALL 2020 TEAM PICTURE DAY is scheduled for To Be Determined ***

    Lakeside Middle School fields up to three (3) teams:  8th Varsity, 7th Varsity, & Combo (JV).  Combo/JV team will carry more players than each of the other two teams and will more than likely have 2 coaches as well.  This will be determined based on the actual Fall 2019 turnout of 7th and 8th graders. 
    Softball at Lakeside Middle School is open ONLY to 7th- and 8th-grade girls. 
    2020-2021 Coaching Staff
    8th Softball - Coach Matt Sturm (8th Varsity):  msturm@9mile.org & (509) 340-4124
    7th Softball - Kristin Spradling (7th Varsity)
    General Information
    Softball season begins on the first day of school each year.  The first day's "practice" is usually just a meeting day, equipment/uniform hand-out, and other general items. 
    To be eligible to practice on the field on the second day, players MUST have all eligibility paperwork on file with the school office.  All fees MUST be paid by the time of the first game for a player to participate in game action (ASB - $20, Activity - $60). 
    Softball players MUST participate in 8 practices before being permitted to play in a game.  Games are typically played on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm. 
    Our teams typically each play an eight-game schedule (maximum allowed by the state association, WIAA - www.wiaa.com, is ten).  We strive to have a balanced schedule of home and away games, but that does not always occur. 
    All home games for all teams are played at Lakeside Middle School, unless noted otherwise.
    Teams return from away-game sites at various times, so please look at your athlete's schedule for an approximate return time, but those times can change. 
    Schedules will be available September 2019
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