• Academic Eligibility for Athletic Participation

    Academic Eligibility Policy for Athletics in the Nine Mile Falls School District at Lakeside Middle School  effective as of the 2006-2007 school year 

    Eligibility for participation in Lakeside Middle School sports is determined by the following:

    1.  To be eligible to participate in athletics, athletes must maintain a minimum 1.75 grade point average (GPA) AND earn grades of “D” or better in all of their classes.  NO grades of “F” are allowed.  GRADE CHECKS will be run EVERY Monday during each sports season. 

    2. If a grade check determines that an athlete is academically ineligible, that athlete will NOT be eligible to participate in games/matches/meets/competitions for that FULL WEEK (Monday through Saturday) following the grade check.  He/she will only become eligible again once the failing grade has been raised and/or the required GPA of 1.75 has been attained, and this will only be determined by the following Monday’s grade check – AND NOT BEFORE.  

    3. Any athlete whose grades do not meet minimum athletic eligibility standards MUST also fill out an Academic Improvement Plan (A.I.P.) before being allowed to participate.  The Academic Improvement Plan must be filled out and signed by the athlete and the athlete’s parents. 

    4. Ineligible athletes will be eligible ONLY to practice during any full week of ineligibility, as long as the Academic Improvement Plan has been returned.  Ineligible athletes WILL BE EXPECTED to attend all practices, travel to competitions, and continue being a member of their team during the ineligibility period.  A COACH RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SUSPEND OR DELAY GAME COMPETITION UPON AN ATHLETE’S RETURN FROM INELIGIBILITY, BASED ON THE ATHLETE’S BEHAVIOR, EFFORT, AND COOPERATION WHILE INELIGIBLE. 

    5. An athlete’s previous year’s final semester grades will be used to determine fall sports eligibility.  Incoming 7th and 8th grade fall sports athletes whose grades fall below the minimum standards will immediately be given an Academic Improvement Plan and will not be eligible for game competition until the first grade check has been completed (the 3rd Monday of the school year).  These athletes will be eligible for practice only once the A.I.P has been signed and returned by all parties.  Eligibility will be restored following the guidelines as listed above. 

    6. Final 8th grade semester two grades do count toward 9th grade sports participation, and the penalties are higher.  A 9th grade fall sports athlete will not be eligible for games/matches/meets/competitions until Lakeside High School completes its first grade check, and that grade check is NOT completed until the mid-term of the first quarter of the school year.  That is a long time to practice ONLY without game competition. 
Last Modified on June 26, 2019