• Lakeside Middle School's Open House

    Lakeside Middle School held its Open House for the 2014 - 2015 school year on Thursday, August 28.
    Students  could pick up their schedules, try their lockers, and meet their teachers.  ASB Officers were distinguished by their wild and crazy hats;  they were available to answer questions, to help with locating classrooms, and to make everyone feel welcome. Parents and students were introduced to or reminded of the school's Touchstone: 
    Fly the Lakeside Way:

    *Working Hard 
    *Doing The Right Thing
    Being Yourself  
    Principal Jeff Baerwald also challenged the eighth graders to be leaders and to set the tone for the school as a fun, safe culture for learning.  One sixth grader shared that while he was excited to be at the middle school, he was also nervous.  "It's like starting all over...just like Kindergarten."