• LMS Paperwork for Sports Eligibility

    To be eligible for sports participation at Lakeside Middle School, an athlete MUST complete ALL five (5) of the following documents BEFORE being permitted to practice. (By clicking on each link, the actual form will be displayed, BUT all of them except the Doctor's Physical Form MUST be filled out and completed online at Final Forms for athletic registration, and registration for LMS sports will begin and be available on August 1, 2019.)

    In addition to the above forms, all athletes MUST complete a  "Safety Guidelines" sheet for each sport in which an athlete participates.  This form, like all others, MUST be completed online via Final Forms (available August 1, 2019) BEFORE an athlete is eligible to physically practice.  Please click on the link of the sport(s) for which an athlete will participate, and a copy of the form itself will be displayed. Again, it is just a hard-copy form to view; actual form must be completed online at Final Forms.

    Additionally, two (2) sets of fees MUST be paid to the school office BEFORE an athlete may participate/compete in any contest, game, jamboree, match, meet, or tournament:  
    • ASB Fee - $20
    • Activity Fee - $60 

    These fees are just ONE-TIME fees per school year!  Students who play a fall sport do NOT have to pay again for school sports at Lakeside Middle School during the school year (and students can participate in up to 4 sports per school year)!

    Any athlete who needs financial assistance due to hardship, etc., there is money available. The GALE L. GRAHAM MEMORIAL FUND is available to all Nine Mile Falls School District athletes at Lakeside Middle and High Schools.  The fund is a non-profit organization that provides support to families that may need additional financial assistance to afford athletic equipment and fees.  Please click on the following links for more information:

    Please fill out the application and return to Bob Cameron (Asst. AD) at bcameron@9mile.org, fax at 509-340-4101, or the main Lakeside Middle School office.  For more information, please call Mr. Cameron at 509-340-4109.

    6th-Grade Sports Participation (Cross Country Fees - $20 ASB & $10 Activity; Wrestling Fees - $20 ASB & $60 Activity)..  Students who wish only to manage and NOT participate in the sport will need only pay the $20 ASB Fee.
Last Modified on June 26, 2019