• LHS School Supply List

     Math Classes     

    Algebra 1:  paper, pencils, eraser, 3-ring binder and scientific calculator                 with a multi-view screen

    Geometry:  paper, pencils, eraser, 3-ring binder and scientific calculator                 with a multi-view screen, compass, protractor

     Algebra 2:  paper, pencils, eraser, 3-ring binder and scientific calculator with 
                a multi-view screen
     Pre-Calculus, EWU Math 141/142, AP Calculus, and AP statistics: paper, 
                pencils, eraser, 3-ring binder and a graphing calculator Texas Instrument: 
                83,84, Inspire r Casio graphing calculator

    English Classes

         3 ring Binder
    College rule paper
    Sticky notes (Post its)
    3x5 cards
    1 pkg tabbed dividers
    Pens and Pencils
    Recommended: A digital storage device like a flash drive or cd.  Flash drives seem to work the best.

    General Supplies:       Kleenex (optional)

    Physical Science:

    Pencil and eraser
    Calculator – a simple non-scientific one is all that is needed
    A 3-ring binder with pockets, dividers and blank notebook paper
    Book cover
    A separate, bound, lab notebook that is used only for science and can be turned in regularly

    Investigative Microbiology

    •  Bound lab notebook
    • Pencil and eraser
    • Ultra fine tip Sharpie
    • Calculator
    • A 3-ring binder with pockets and dividers
    • A lab coat, scrub or big shirt that can be left at school
    • Closed shoes (no sandals) that can be left at school


    • USB flash drive (minimum 1GB)
    • Access to a computer & printer outside of class time (this can be access to the school library if needed)
    • 5 function calculator
    • Pencil & eraser
    • Metric ruler
    • A bound composition book to be used as an official laboratory record book
    • If you are in Mrs. Sardinia’s section, you will need a second composition notebook to be used for class notes, etc.  This will be organized & turned in periodically for a grade.


    • Ultra fine tip permanent marker
    • Ball point pen
    • 3-ring binder with pockets & blank notebook paper
    •  Book cover
    • Set of colored pencils

    Note:  Those enrolled in other science courses are encouraged to begin the year with the supplies listed above as well.  Regardless of differences between individual teachers, you should be well prepared for any science course with the supplies listed above. 

Last Modified on March 26, 2020