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     LHS School Improvement Plan:   LHS SIP 2019-2020

    Lakeside High School Mission Statement: Lakeside High School educates students to become responsible, contributing members of society. 



    WSP Volunteer Disclosure Form

    Student Handbook 2019-2020

    McKenney-Vento Act: 

    The McKinney-Vento Act is a federal law that makes sure children and youth who do not have permanent housing can go to school and preschool.  It gives children and youth rights to enroll in school, stay in school, get transportation to school, and gives these same children access to school lunch programs.  If you become aware of students who may qualify for services under the McKinney-Vento Act, or are in need of services for students in your family, please contact Mr. Jeff Baerwald, 340-4300, with this information.    McKinney Vento 

    POWER Program  Lakeside High School administration, teachers, counseling center, parents, and students helped create a program to help all of us create a positive learning community in our school.  Our POWER program will promote and reward students and staff that make positive contributions to our students using the five POWER Principles:  Pride;     Ownership;   Warmth;    Encouragement;   Respect 

    As a reminder and positive way to show support for the POWER Principles, students and staff are invited to sign the POWER Pledge: 
    I promise to apply the POWER Principles at Lakeside High School, while participating in any school activity, or while attending any school-sponsored event. 
    Pride:   I will take pride in myself, others, and my school. 
    Ownership:  I will take responsibility for my actions and attitude.  I will care for others and my school.  I will hold others accountable to the POWER Principles, seeking adult help if needed. 
    Warmth:  I will create a warm school community where all students, staff, parents are welcome.  I will help care for others. 
    Encouragement:  I will set and seek personal, academic, and professional goals.  I will motivate and encourage others to improve themselves and meet their goals. 
    Respect:  I will respect myself, others, and the learning environment of my school.  I will treat others with dignity and carefully confront behavior that degrades others.

Last Modified on July 23, 2020