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    Go Over Final Exam
    Karyotyping -  Gene, Traits, Homozygous Dominant/Recessive, Heterozygous (notes)


    Review "Fugates" Blue People from Kentucky (notes)

    What is a gene?

     What is a trait?

                Blue People Scenario

                            Why are the people blue?

                            What is the cause?

                            What is the cure?

    Compare the process of making normal blood with the process of that creates blue people?

                            How does inbreeding contribute?

                            What is recessive?

    Finish Chromosome mapping activity from yesterday 

     Go over Chromosome mapping (karyotyping) activity
    Start LE 3 p.164 No Matter what shape you are
    Brainstorming questions #1-4
    Create a flowchart for part A and B of lab
    Do experimental Design for lab:
    -data chart
    -flowchart for procedure (include repeat, record and validity statement)
    read pgs. 168-169 and answer the following questions then write a conclusion (use HSPE format if possible depending on if your data is quantitative or qualitative)
       -Which absorbed more water, wrinkled or round?  Explain
       -Explain the biochemical difference between the wrinkled and round pea
       -How would you investigate the difference?
       -What is the major bio-molecule found in seeds?
       -How would you determine the difference in content of the bio-molecule in the two seeds?
    Myopia nearsightedness pedigree - homework - Myopia is recessive (n) to have myopia you have to be homozygous recessive nn if you have the genotype of Nn or NN you do not have Myopia

    Go over Myopia (nearsightedness) pedigree - last night's homework
    Finish yesterdays lab, write conclusion and answer questions - due tomorrow

     Collect pea Lab
    Popcorn read p.170-172 "am I a carrier and what does that mean"?
    Do analysis questions #1-6 p.172-173 as well as the following 3 discussion questions
    1. Describe the characteristics of an individual whose red blood cells carry only hemoglobin S.  How would you describe comparable characteristics in an individual whose red blood cells had only hemoglobin A?
    2. How is the hemoglobin story in humans similar to the SBEI story in peas?
    3. Although Tara shows no sickle cell characteristics under normal circumstances, she is considered to have the sickle cell trait, but not the disease.  Why is this?
    Collect Pedigree and Analysis/Discussion questions end of period!!!
    End of Period

     Lorenzo's Oil Movie

     Lorenzo's Oil Movie cont.
    "America's Dirty Little Secret" The Tuskegee Study of untreated syphilis in the African American male
    Look at a Neuron and what is happening to Lorenzo's neurons and why?

     Lorenzo's Oil Movie Finish - go over punnet square of Agusto and Michala and discuss some of the questions
    Questions due tomorrow

    Collect Lorenzo's oil questions
    Read Article on DNA Double Helix using the 4 step summary template, write a summary of the article - due tomorrow
    DNA replication notes and DNA structure notes (watson/crick, 1953, nucleotides; 3 parts (5 carbon sugar (deoxyribose), phosphate and nitrogenous base; adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine

    Warm-up #1
    Go over DNA Double Helix Model - create a double helix model using cereal, pipe cleaners, marshmallows, toothpicks, candy, wire, coat hangers, etc.  (Due Tuesday)
    Collect 4 step summary of DNA double helix

     DNA double Helix model due TUESDAY
     Finish Protein synthesis notes
    Homework - DUE Wednesday and USE COLOR!!!!! 
    Do the going further section for extra credit!!!
     End of Period

     Collect DNA Double Helix models
    Go over 2nd page of Understanding protein synthesis worksheet
    Notes on Types of Mutations Chromosomal, Frame-shift and Point Mutations
    Complete your CHNOPS creature by finishing Simulating Protein Synthesis activity given to you yesterday
    DNA review start for test on DNA Thursday

    Answer any questions from DNA review from yesterday

     DNA test
    Mon 2/18/13  NO SCHOOL - Presidents Day!!
     Read pg. 176-179 answer analysis questions #1-3
    Read pg. 181-183 - Analysis questions #1-2 for #1 in your timeline include the following:
    -Hershey and Chase
    -Rosalind Franklin
    -Watson and Crick
     Genetics Notes - Punnett Square, mono-hybrid cross, genotype and phenotype, geno vs. phenotypic ratio, probability, allele, trait, gene, homozygous dominant and recesive and heterozygous
      Finish yesterday's genetics practice problems - collect end of period
     Di-hybrid cross example for notes and Co-dominance vs. Incomplete dominance - extra credit opportunity (explain in your own words what each is and provide some examples of each type not given in class on the notes)
    Pedigree Worksheets  - finish and go over Monday
     Collect extra Credit
    Go over pedigree worksheets
    Correct Introduction to Genetics problems and practice 1-7
    Genetics Guided notes  -see p.254 on Mendel for help on guided notes, use the notes you took in class, use google or ask for help.
    Introduction to Genetics Disorder Symposium - Go over so you can sign up for something that you have educated yourself about and you have an interest in researching and presenting to others
    Blood Typing Lab
     Remember to sign up for a genetic disorder, 1st come 1st served - we will start researching your disorder on Friday and Monday but if you sign up sooner you can start doing research sooner and better you chances of earning a good grade !    :>)
    Go over Blood Typing Lab questions
    Collect Genetics Guided Notes Tomorrow
    Di-Hybrid cross examples - put in your genetics notes
     Sign up for a genetic disorder - research Friday and Monday in the Library - symposium starts Tuesday
    Face-Head Variation Activity - Create your genotype and phenotype for your child's Face/Head and then draw a picture when complete using color for skin tone and eye/hair color
     Genetics Disorder Symposium research - Library starting your research and preparing for the symposium by preparing your presentation for the rest of the class
      Genetics Disorder Symposium research.  Prepare your presentation, making sure to follow rubric thoroughly.  Read through entire rubric and include all parts, practice your presentation to your family or the mirror.  Prepare your notecard and be able to know what is on each slide WITHOUT reading directly from the slide, practice talking to the audience making eye contact with the whole room.  Your presentation will be as much about the quality of the presentation as it will be on the content that is covered.  Presentation of the info. is important.
      Genetics Symposium - Random draw, when your name is called or your disorder, be ready to present for the group.  If you are not ready you are not ready!
    Pedigree/Genetics Practice Problems - Complete pedigree and #1-4, 6, 8-11
    Due tomorrow
    Collect practice problems from yesterday
    Finish Genetics Symposium
      Finish Genetics Symposium 
     Collect Pedigree/Genetics Practice Problems
    GATTACA movie
    While watching the movie, write down pro's and con's of this futuristic society.  When you are done, do your pro's out  weigh your con's and why or why not should we allow society to become this DNA modified or enhanced depending on how you look at it. Your grade is based on depth, effort, # or pros vs. cons and the thought and effort you based your decision on.
      GATTACA movie
      Finish GATTACA movie - your conclusion about the futuristic society is due on MONDAY
      No class today based on the HSPE schedule
      No school today - Snow make-up day!
     Go over Pedigree Chart again, tri-hybrid cross example for homework and vocabulary you are responsible for this unit
    Correct Pedigree/Genetics practice from 3/6/13
    Homework due tomorrow!!!
    Collect yesterday's tri-hybrid homework question
    Genetics Review for Test Tomorrow
      Genetics Test
      Nova - Understanding Viruses Movie and questions to answer during film
    Universe Within video - question to fill out while watching
    Body Fluid Exchange to see how fast disease spreads and how hard it is to tract down the original infector
    Complete the Epidemiology notes started on Friday
     Hostile Environment Answer questions a-e and the two questions that follow - use a Venn diagram for the compare and contrast question
    Color the Virus - Head and DNA leave Black, Capsid Light Blue, Collar Red, Tail Fibers Purple, Base Plate Green
    Lytic Cycle Section Review  - using your Epidemiology notes from Friday and reading the short section review complete the Lytic Cycle review
     Immunization Brochure Create your brochure on your viral or bacterial disease - sign up and start research
    Research  computer lab
      Finish research, Brochure DUE tomorrow
    Collect Bacterial/Viral Disease brochure
    118 Green St. Movie 118 Greene St. movie questions
    Bacterial Taxonomy Notes
    Bacteria Friend or Enemy Video  - take notes on video, your notes will be graded and you can utilize them on the quiz that will follow
    Finish Bacteria Friend or Enemy Video and notes
    Video quiz and collect notes
    Immunology Review Crossword Puzzle
     Collect and Correct Crossword Puzzle
    Microbial Pathogen Activity
     Andromeda Strain Movie and Andromeda Movie Questions
     While watching movie and answering questions, write down any evidence that the outbreak is Viral or Bacterial on a separate piece of paper to be utilized after the video to write your summary of WHY YOU THINK THE OUTBREAK WAS VIRAL OR BACTERIAL - you must provided evidence for your opinion that was taken from the movie
     Finish Andromeda Movie and complete movie questions
     Finish Movie -collect questions
    Andromeda Movie Summary - Due tomorrow - utilize as many pieces of evidence from the movie as you can provide!!!! to support your thinking on whether Andromeda was Viral or Bacterial
    Staple Summary to your movie questions and summary together and will collect tomorrow.
    Unit test Friday
     Create questions in your group - your group must come up 10 with 10, 20 , 30 and 40 point questions for tomorrow's game of football review
    Once you have created your questions you need to go through them with another group and see how many they get correct out of the 40 you created
    Unit test Friday
      Football Review of Epidemiology/Immune system for Test on Friday 
    HIV/AIDS Video - take the test again and we will look at your pre vs. post test and see what you learned if anything
    unit test tomorrow
      Unit Test Bacteria/Viruses/Epidemiology/Immune System
    Correct Understanding Viruses Video questions
    HIV/AIDS post test - correct pre/post test and analyze what you learned from before to after unit
    P.496-497  Read and define bold vocabulary as well as answer questions 1-4P. 501 Read about Gray Wolves and answer analysis questions 1-4
    Collect yesterdays Homework
     The making of the fittest - Howard Hughes revealing the evolutionary process in action using pocket mice
    Natural Selection and Adaptation Color Variation over time in rock pocket mouse populations activity 
     Watch 12min video segment again from yesterday!!! THIS TIME PAY ATTENTION AND TAKE NOTES! (you will be graded on the quality/effort you put into your movie notes)
    Finish the pocket mouse activity using color on your graph and collect end of period.  ATTACH MOVIE NOTES TO YOUR ACTIVITY
      Due Monday

    Paleoworld "Placentals vs. Marsupials"  video – natural selection evidence for evolution


    p.293 Changing Genes, Changing Populations

    Read and write down Darwin’s conclusions – NEED TO KNOW THESE FOR EVOLUTION TEST

    p.296 Analysis questions #1-4


    p.296 One Good Chance Deserves Another and analysis questions #1-2

    Collect Monday
    Go over, correct and discuss activity
    Collect Finch Beak Size vs. Rainfall conclusion and questions
    Homework question from notes and 3 extra credit questions
    1. from notes
    2. the opposite of Vulcanism theory
    3. the last species on earth to go extinct
    Collect homework and extra credit questions - discuss homework and extra credit
    Finish Evolution Notes
    Evidence of Natural Selection - Paleoworld "T-Rex"  video
     Summarize the difference between Darwin and Lamarck's Theories
    Start tracing Darwin's voyage on your map.  Show on the map the date, and location of each stop.  Start reading what happened at each stop and important observations he gleaned from each stop that led to his theory of evolution
     Continue with tracing the voyage of the Beagle and determining Darwin's important observations from his amazing voyage to the Galapagos islands
    Finish questions from Devenport, England to Punta Alta, Argentina and collect
    Continue with tracing the voyage of the Beagle and determining Start questions Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to Falmouth, England
    Collect questions #1-7
    Darwin's 10 important observations from his amazing voyage to the Galapagos islands
    Collect Questions 1-7 of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
     Correct questions 1-7 of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
    Complete questions Through Falmouth, England and collect 
    Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye - The Origin and Evolution of Life
     Finish Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye - record Who, What and When as you watch to remember what the amazing discoveries were and who was responsible for them
    FINISH you 10 amazing observations that Darwin made for homework tonight  - Due Thur
    Collect Tierra del Fuego question and Darwin's 10 amazing observations while on his voyage of the Beagle
    Go over Darwin's 10 important observations
    Homework - List ALL the important people that influenced Darwins Theory of Evolution AND made discoveries regarding the origin and evolution of life
     7 pieces of evidence that support evolution
    Linneaus Classification notes  Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
    Dumb kings play chess on finely grained sand
     Evolution/Natural Selection test Thursday
    Classification practice
      Skinak Classification Activity
    Test Thursday
      Review for tomorrows test
     Finish Review for tomorrows test
    Classification/Natural Selection test part 1
      Evolution Test part 2
     Return Test from Thursday/Friday
    Start Ecology Unit
    Wonderful World of Dung  - Answer video questions
    Computer lab to look up examples
    Community Interactions - Competition, Predation, Symbiotic Relationships (commensalism, mutualism, and parasitism) - Draw a picture of each giving a specific example.  Also provide 3 pictures and examples of a niche.
    Define each bold term - natural selection, adaptation, niche, host, parasite, predator, prey and the 5 community interactions.
    Go over Ecology Vocabulary from yesterday
    Collect yesterday's assignment
    Biology EOC Practice test
     Finish and Go over practice Biology EOC - make corrections and look at 0,1 and 2 point responses
      Practice EOC - take your time and do your best as practice #1 did not go that well - let's see what we don't know??
     No School Memorial Day
      Correct and go over Practice EOC #2 
     Aquarium Systems Scenario - Use scenario and data to write a procedure and conclusion as you will need this for next weeks EOC test
    Scientific Research Scenario  - using the situation, create a scientific model for research and ideas that can solve the problem scientifically
    Finish and collect Scientific Research Scenario from yesterday
    The day the cats parachuted into Borneo - Take the broken apart story and try to put it back together.  Then take a piece of the story and write a procedure using your HSPE rubric and also a conclusion based upon the actual results which we know.  You can create numbers if that will help you write your conclusion as quantative
    Borneo parachuting cats activity  - i will ok your procedure before you start your conclusion
     Finish up Borneo conclusion from yesterday.  Collect end of period and go over if time
    Biology EOC 
      Biology EOC
      Biology EOC 
      Review Ecology - Introduction to food web/chain and Trophic Levels and Immigration vs. Emigration 
      Semester 2 Final Review
      Period 1 Final
    7:30 – 9:00
    Period 2 Final
    9:05 – 10:35
      Period 3 Final
    7:30 – 9:00
    Period 4 Final
    9:05 – 10:35
      Period 5 Final
    7:30 – 9:00
    Period 6 Final
    9:05 – 10:35
      Last Day of School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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