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    Mrs. Nelson
    Lakeside High School
    Course Syllabus


    Course Title: SPANISH I

    School Year: 2018 2019

    Teacher: Mrs. Nelson

    E Mail: (best way to reach me)tnelson@9mile.org

    Phone Number: 340 4019 (Voicemail at 9-Mile Elementary)

                                340-4223 (Lakeside High School) 
    Grade Levels: 9 - 12


    Course Description:

    The focus will be on building a foundation in the basics of the Spanish language through the acquisition of conversational phrases, common vocabulary, and the present tense of regular and irregular verbs. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are all emphasized. This class also introduces students to Hispanic culture and geography.


    Students will be able to communicate (verbally and through writing) simple ideas in Spanish, using correct pronunciation, word choice, gender and grammar.

    Course Outline:

    There are 10 units, each aout 1 month in length with quizzes and a test at the end of each. There re homework assignments, in class speaking assignments such as dialogues and oral reports, group projects and individual projects and other in-class and outside of class activities and assignments as needed.

    Homework: Each assignment is due at the beginning of the next school day (unless otherwise noted).  Students will self correct their assignment before grading. These daily assignments are worth 10 points each and if late (meaning the assignment was not complete at the beginning of class and therefore did not get a stamp) or incomplete will only earn partial credit. Students need to maintain a binder in which he/she keeps assignments and papers for class to use as study sheets. I DO NOT accept late homework unless illness or emergency occurs.

    Make Up and Late Work: Students are responsible for all work assigned whether or not they are in class each day. It is the responsibility of the student to check for any missed work. Students have two days to make up work for each excused absence. Projects worth more than 10 points are accepted late, but they will lose points for each day late. 

    In order to progress it is expected that each student will spend time practicing, studying, learning vocabulary, reviewing material from class every day outside of class even when (especially when)no specific homework has been assigned.

    Be sure to bring a binder, and a writing utensil to class each day.
    No food or candy may be eaten during class and only clear water may be consumed in class. Students are encouraged to bring a full water bottle to class each day. 
    Attendance: Attendance is critical to success in this class as well as others. Students are required to maintain regular attendance to earn high school credit. As per Nine Mile Falls School District Policy 3122 and 2420/2420P, students will be issued a NG (No Grade) on the 13th absence in a class. Only school related absences, discipline absences, medical emergencies with doctor’s verification and principal approved absences will not count against the 13 absences. Students will be expected to remain in the class after the 13th absence to benefit from the instruction in this class. Any absences beyond 13 may result in removal from that class with a corresponding F grade in that class. 
    Students are considered tardy if they are not in their seats (with all required materials) when the bell rings. When students are more than 15 minutes late, they are considered absent. If there is an issue the student should speak with Mrs. Nelson. 

    Grade Scale:          93 100     A        4.0
                                    90 92.9    A-       3.7
                                    87 89.9    B+      3.3
                                    83 86.9    B        3.0 
                                    80 82.9    B-       2.7
                                    77 79.9    C+      2.3
                                    73 76.9    C        2.0

                                    70 72.9    C-       1.7
                                    67 69.9    D+      1.3
                                    60 66.9    D        1.0
                                    0 59.9      F         0.0
    I use straight points for grading which roughly breaks down to a third for homework assignments, a third for classroom activities and projects, and a third for quizzes and tests. 
    Grades will be posted weekly (usually Sunday evening). This will show updated grades, attendance, and other information for your child. If you have not yet been given your child’s ID number and a pin number, please contact the Counseling office to receive this information.

    Policy on Cheating:

    Copying another person’s work is cheating! Nothing is learned by copying and the student who allows someone to copy their work is NOT helping their friend learn. Any student who copies from another student’s work or cheats on any assignment or test will receive a zero for that work. The student who allows another to copy their work will also receive zero credit for that work. A second offense may result in loss of credit for the entire class.

    Policy on Cell Phones, I pods and other Electronic Devices:

    Use of cell phones and other electronic devices have become a problem within the classroom. These devices MUST BE TURNED OFF AND STOWED IN A BAG OR BACKPACK when the bell rings. Upon the first offense, the phone will be confiscated and parent contact will be made before the phone is returned. On the second offense, the phone will again be confiscated and the parent must come to the school to pick it up. Just so you know, I am very strict on this policy in my class.


    Any disruptions that affect my ability to teach and other students’ ability to learn are a serious problem. Be a solution not a problem! 






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