Nine Mile Falls School District

Superintendent's Message 

Superintendent Brian Talbott
 Brian L. Talbott 
May 2015
Dear Neighbors,  

As you are likely aware, the bond measure to update and modernize Lakeside High School failed for a second time this year.  School propositions can only be run twice during a calendar year, which means that the district will not be putting a ballot back out to the community until 2016 at the earliest.  

That being said, I have received many questions in regards to next steps.  As much as I would like to be able to provide a firm plan, I cannot.  I believe that we need to find ways in which to seek and gather input from our constituents, and our constituents must be willing to share their thoughts and feelings.  In order for us to collect the necessary information from the community, we must be willing to truly listen to one another.  We have to create a safe platform for healthy and honest dialogue.  We are a proud community and we mustn’t allow a bond measure to create division amongst us.    

There is much work to be done prior to making any decisions about the future of the bond.  I am seeking your input on the proposed bond measure whether it is in regards to the project itself, the associated costs, or any other feedback that you are willing to provide.  The forums that were held fielded mostly supportive comments; we truly need to hear the collective voice of the community.  Sadly, I received very few emails, phone calls, and/or invitations to personally meet from those who had questions or concerns.  To those that took the time, please know that I am very appreciative.  Additionally, I want to thank the many individuals and groups that volunteered their time to help spread the word about the bond; it was a tireless effort. 

In closing, I believe that we all truly care about the youth of our community and that we equally care about the safety and security of our schools.  I also know that any tax increase is going to be scrutinized and questioned; rightfully so.  What I can, and do guarantee is that our staff will continue to provide excellent educational opportunities for our students and our students will continue to represent our community and schools in exemplary ways.  

I am proud to live and serve in Nine Mile Falls.

Warm Regards,
Brian L. Talbott, Superintendent

Last Modified on May 1, 2015