Nine Mile Falls School District

Superintendent's Message 

Superintendent Brian Talbott
 Brian L. Talbott 
January 2016
Dear Neighbors, 

I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy in 2016.  As you are well aware, the crazy wind storm in the latter part of November caused us to miss two days of school.  That being said, I wanted you to know we will have school on Friday, March 11th as this was the one make-up day scheduled in the calendar for inclement weather.  The governor did declare this event as a “state of emergency”, which means that school districts can seek a waiver for two school days. We have not yet determined if and when we will make up the second day at this point.  This decision will likely come in late spring.

We are in the process of procuring a new reader board at Lakeside High School as the old one was damaged by a tree that fell on it during the aforementioned wind storm.  This along with some fencing issues and some electrical repairs will be included in a claim to our insurance carrier for this particular storm.  I am hopeful that the reader board will be up and running before spring.

The district has another insurance claim that occurred over winter break.  At 11:00 PM on Monday, December 28th, we were alerted by the county sheriff’s office to the fact that our emergency strobes and sirens were going off at Lake Spokane Elementary. Several of us went to check it out and found that an overhead fire suppression sprinkler had burst.  Once the main water was shut off, we began pushing water to the drains in the custodial closet and restrooms, but not before it had entered four classrooms and several office spaces.  By 2:30 AM, a restoration company arrived and immediately began to pull water from carpeted areas.  They also set up numerous blowers and dryers to help us begin the mitigation process. The extensive damage required multiple staff members, and their students, to be relocated to other areas of the school while the affected areas are being restored. The construction project will likely take us well into February before completion.  Although there was a lot of mayhem, staff members were ready to conduct business as usual when our students returned from break.   I am very appreciative of our staff for their commitment and dedication to the building, to one another, and to the students who they serve.

Lastly, I want to invite and encourage you to take a look at the results from our first Thoughtexchange endeavor.  You can find the link on our website ( or by going directly to There is a lot of great information that can be pulled from all of the thoughts shared, and certainly you will be able to see some themes that are prevalent across the district.  We will continue to use Thoughtexchange as a two-way communication instrument in the future with the next round slated for this spring.  Please continue to provide your input as the information we glean is reliant upon you sharing your thoughts and concerns.  Our goal is continuous improvement.  

Warm Regards,
Brian L. Talbott, Superintendent

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