Nine Mile Falls School District

Superintendent's Message 

Superintendent Brian Talbott
 Brian L. Talbott 
January 2014
Dear Neighbors,

Happy New Year to each of you!  As a kid, the school year seemed to drag on forever; as an educator, I have never quite gotten used to the rapidity at which the days, weeks, and months pass.  I hope that this update finds you embracing 2014.


We are currently investigating different (and better) notification systems that will allow the district and schools to communicate with parents and constituents.  This investigation includes looking at systems that other districts are currently using and then narrowing that scope to one that will best meet the needs of our school district and community.  Please continue to watch for updates on this as we will want to have as many people sign up as possible.  Additionally, we are also seeking a cost-effective solution in regards to a quarterly or bi-monthly publication that will be mailed to all of our constituents.  The intent of this publication will be to provide you with quick and easy communication as to the great things that are happening within our schools and classrooms. 


The district has begun its facilities review with an emphasis on the high school.  The beginning stage is to complete a needs assessment with the staff.  This will be a two-day activity (mid-January) that will include opportunities for all staff to provide input into the current reality of our high school facility and campus.  Some of the aspects to be included are safety/security, functionality, educational feasibility, and efficiency.  At the conclusion of this work, a facilities committee will be formed and will meet periodically throughout the spring and early summer.  Said committee will be comprised of school staff and community members and will take a lot of time and energy.  In the end, the committee’s goal will be to bring forth a recommendation to the Board.  Although this will be a fairly small group, we are interested in creating a cross section of our community to ensure that we have representation from across the district.  If you have interest in this endeavor, please let me know and I will include your name as a potential committee member.  Additionally, we will provide community forums so that voices and concerns are heard prior to the Board receiving a recommendation. 


There are a many ways for you to see our kids and staff at work.  Whether it is in the classroom, the athletic arena, or on the stage, our students and their achievements bring great pride to our schools and communities.  Thank you for your ongoing support of and partnership with the Nine Mile Falls School District…where small schools provide big opportunities. 

Warm Regards,
Brian L. Talbott

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