Nine Mile Falls School District

Title I/Lap Programs

Title I Program
Title I is a remedial education program designed to help students who require
some assistance
in reading, math, or language arts.
Learning Assistance Program (LAP)
The LAP program provides supplemental instruction for students who need some additional help, primarily in reading 
& math.
 A student can qualify for these programs through:
Nikkie Rutter Daves with a student
  • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP testing)
  • Teacher recommendation and/or parent input
An Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) is not required

Nine Mile Falls Elementary, please contact: 
   Lori Pippenger (340-4038)
Lake Spokane Elementary, please contact:
   Nikki Rutter Daves (340-4077)
Lakeside Middle School, please contact:
   Matt Cusack (340-4135)

Last Modified on September 8, 2014